Accommodation for WDAAP International Dance Festival/Conference, 21-24 July 2016

To all our the dance practitioners, enthusiasts and fans from around the world, as well as WDAAP members, who are looking forward to World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific’s next exciting annual event, in Seoul, South Korea, hosted by WDA-Korea:
1. Holiday Inn is the official conference hotel.
2. See the room booking form: Download the form (MS Word doc 85KB). Please do direct all bookings to the Holiday Inn as stated on the form.
3. Holiday Inn has given a special rate for the WDA conference which is not announced on their website. This special rate is only available for WDAAP members, through bookings with this form through email or fax only (contacts are stated on the form).
4. Although not stated in the form, the room is appropriate for 1 – 3 people with a roll-away bed.
5. Looking for a roommate? The leader of each of the event categories (Showcase, Symposium, Master Class) will soon receive the list of all presenters in those categories and might be able to assist you in this matter. Please contact them if you require a roommate!

PS: The MayPlace Hotel in the centre of Seoul is also recommended (check their website); it is about a 35-minute bus ride to SSU. The special rate for anyone booking directly with the hotel is around $US90 per room for one and $US100 for two people, plus $US13 for breakfast.