The 1st International Arts Olympiad-Taiwan, R.O.C. is now accepting application!

Organized by the K-12 Education Administration under the Ministry of Education and NTNU, The “1st International Arts Olympiad-Taiwan, R.O.C.” is Taiwan’s first international contest event focusing on students’ artistic and aesthetic education development. Within the 5 day event which starts from August 15 to August 19, 2016, participants would be able to collaborate with students from different countries and different categories to create artistic work. The event also includes guest speaking, cultural visits, and many more other exciting activities!  

During the contest students would participate in two parts: first the individual art contest then the interdisciplinary group contest.  Any Gr. 10~12 students with an interest/talent in either Fine Art, Music, or Dance category can apply and would be considered first; all other international applications are welcome as well! Admission is FREE and the application deadline is by June 6, 2016. Apply soon as space is limited! For more information please visit our website at