One of a series of film clips in celebration of International Dance Day 2020:

With the support of DANZ, the WDAAP country chapter in New Zealand, Associate Professor Nickolas Rowe, from the University of Auckland, along with his co-creators, present the film Dancing7Cities.

The Dancing7Cities team has chosen to make the award-winning feature film Dancing7Cities openly accessible around the world. The film is extremely relevant in current times and explores dance in the public domain, weaving through Laos, Finland, Palestine, Fiji, Australia, Lebanon and Italy. https://youtu.be/BgZwgJ8VjNE


Arts Education for Everybody? Every Student? Everywhere?

The World Alliance for Arts Education International Conference is happening in Frankfurt, Germany, 28 Oct to 1 Nov 2019.

Early bird registrations close on 15 March.

At this conference, WAAE will review UNESCO Arts education policies and chart a plan for the next 5 years of action. The conference will focus on evaluating the situation of Arts Education in formal education (Schools) – quantity, quality, accessibility, models for arts cooperation etc. We invite researchers and experts from national arts education associations to contribute to the evaluation of diverse ‘real situations’, judge them and discuss strategic planning with UNESCO experts about next steps and aims for the next decade of arts education policy.

WAAE is a key partner of World Dance Alliance.