Linking China to Asia-Pacific: Connections, Transformations in Dance Education

If you are an educator, scholar, or dancer concerned with the development of Asian dance cultures, this is the topic you are looking for. How have Asian dance cultures undergone transformations in dance higher education? The Asia-Pacific region is rich in dance culture history and resources. What are the implications of these historical legacies for contemporary dance culture and education? As the first state-owned dance school and the only higher education institution focusing specifically on dance in China, Beijing Dance Academy (BDA) will bring their years of experience in performance, academic research, talent training, and international cooperation on Asia-Pacific dance culture.

Zoom Session Time: 13:00-14:30 (1pm to 2:30pm) CST, Thursday 16 May 2024

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Moderated by Lin Wang (Lynn) and organized by Beijing Dance Academy.

Date: Thursday 16 May
Time: 13:00 CST
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Platform: Zoom
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About the Speakers

Dr. Xu Rui is the President and Professor of Beijing Dance Academy, Doctoral Supervisor of China Academy of Art. He is the Vice Chairman of China Musical Theater Association, Vice Chairman of Beijing Dancers Association and Beijing Literary Critics Association. He was selected by the National Ministry of Education for the “New Century Outstanding Talents” program, and was awarded a full scholarship by the Asian Cultural Council of America (ACC).

Across the field of research and arts creation, he is the author of The Aesthetic And Self-Consciousness of Contemporary Chinese Folk Dance Creation, which is awarded the first prize of the Ninth China Federation of Literature and Art Criticism. He has created more than ten famous dance dramas and musicals, which have won the Wenhua Grand Prize, the highest honor for theatre arts creation in China. He is the founder of the “ArtsCross”, the contemporary dance creation and research program, which has a significant impact for the international dance community.

Dr. Zhibo Zhao is a highly trained dancer-choreographer and practice-based researcher who was awarded National First-Rank Dance Artist by the Chinese government. She received her professional training in Chinese Classical Dance at the age of 10 at the Affiliated Secondary School of Beijing Dance Academy (BDA) and later obtained her BA and MFA degrees at BDA. As a leading dancer with the BDA Dance Company, she performed Chinese dances in over 40 countries. Among these, she has been an associate artist of the ArtsCross project, an international intercultural dance research project, since 2009.

Zhibo moved to London in 2018 to pursue her PhD at Middlesex University, focusing on dance improvisation in relation to Chinese dance and dancers, and was awarded her doctorate in her viva with the proud distinction of having no corrections. In the UK dance sector, she has worked tirelessly to deliver talks and workshops on Chinese dance and created short and full-length works with her unique cultural perspective. Not only that, but together with her partner, their short-dance video account has created the miracle of having over 10 million followers on social media worldwide.

Qin Yanxi, Director of International Office of Beijing Dance Academy, member of International Education Committee of Chinese Society for Educational Development Strategy, council member of China Education Association for International Exchange, Secretary-General of the China-CEEC Dance Culture Union. She studied in the University of Reading and the University of Westminster in UK as a visiting scholar. She has been engaged in educational management and international cooperation and exchange in universities for many years and has rich working experience in higher education administration, international exchange and international student management.


Lin WANG (Lynn) is PhD candidate at the University of Leeds, UK; Taipei Scholar of ArtsCross, an international dance research residency programme; Visiting Scholar at the School of Dance, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts; she received her BA and MFA degrees from the Beijing Dance Academy; she published her academic translation in 2019, Body Space Expression:The Development of Rudolf Laban’s Movement and Dance Concepts; and the most recent result of her research is Tutorial for Analysing Dance Movements.

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