2024 International Young Choreographer Project

CHOROEGRAPHIC OPPORTUNITY IN TAIWAN Working with eight choreographers in July 2024 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Registration Form to be sent to your chapter head
Three to four choreographers recommended by WDA Asia-Pacific , and one choreographer recommended by WDA-America or Europe will be selected to attend the Young Choreographer Project (IYCP) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. An additional three Taiwanese choreographers will also be selected to join the event. The funding is supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation, Bureau Culture Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government, and the Chin-Lin Foundation for Culture and Arts in Taiwan. The project will be held in the city of Kaohsiung, south of Taiwan. The tentative dates for the 2024 event are from July 1st to July 19th, with two performances taking place in the main stage of the theatre in the campus of Tsoying High School from July 20th to 21st. Choreographers will be recommended by WDA (Asian Pacific, America or Europe) chapter heads. The deadline for the recommendation from each chapter head is January 21st with all documents required sent to Taiwan. The final eight choreographers will be provided with housing, local transportation, dancers, studios, publicity, production and office assistance. In addition, an honorarium will be provided: US$ 800 for four choreographers from Asian Pacific area and US$ 1200 for the choreographer from America or Europe. Participants are responsible for international airfare and local transportation between the airport and the site. The selected choreographers will set the dance on dancers auditioned in Taiwan. It is recommended that only young choreographers who feel they can meet the challenges of producing a work under unfamiliar circumstances and with unfamiliar dancers should apply.  
Each WDA region office in Asian Pacific, America or Europe will facilitate the selection process in its own chapter and sent only one candidate from each chapter or country to the IYCP office in Taiwan. You need to be a member in order to apply to your chapter. Expressions of interest should address the following points and approach to your area chapter (http://www.wda-ap.org/chapters/):

A. What would you gain from a professional experience such as this?
B. Why would you like to work in Asia?
C. A brief concept of your work
D. A 200-word autobiography and a resume/CV

If you are short listed in the final list in your chapter, you will be required to submit WDA (Asia-Pacific, America or Europe) a link to an online video (YouTube or Vimeo) of a work sample of your recent choreography, either with a single dance piece or several excerpts (less than 20 minutes). You may also be invited to send up to three photos of your work, which is not compulsory, but will give WDA (Asian Pacific, America or Europe) selection board more ideas about your choreography. Expressions of interest should EMAIL to the WDA (Asia-Pacific, America or Europe) office of each chapter by January 10th. Download Registration Form *Please send this registration form to your chapter head for their evaluation. The name and document of each choreographer recommended by the WDA chapters should be sent to Taiwan office by January 30th. Taiwan office will announce the result of the final eight selections for the 2024 IYCP by February 25th, 2024, on the WDA-AP website at http://www.wda-ap.org. Also, a letter of confirmation to each choreographer will be emailed from the office in Taiwan. 

For information or any enquiry about the International Young Choreography Project, please visit http://www.wda-ap.org/projects or contact the Project Office at Tsoying High School (email: dance30@tyhs.kh.edu.tw).
Mailing address:
Chapter Head /Ms. Su-ling Chou, Tso’s Dance Association
55, Hai-gong Rd., Tsoying, Kaohsiung 81326, Taiwan