Father: Vision of the Floating World

One of a series of film clips in celebration of International Dance Day 2020:

Both of Akram Khan’s parents were born and raised in Bangladesh. He grew up hearing stories of the Bangladesh Liberation War from his family, including his uncle who was a freedom fighter. His mother was studying at prestigious Dhaka University when she went to hear ‘Bongobondhu’ Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Ramna Race Course on 7 March 1971, calling out to his people to liberate Bangladesh. It was so crowded, she had to step on a rickshaw to try and catch a glimpse of him! Even today she can remember how his words moved her.

For this work, Akram draws on his childhood stories and his families’ sense of national pride to present to Bangladesh the essence of Bongobondhu’s spirit. Using Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s powerful speech as inspiration, Akram invited composer Vincenzo Lamagna to create the score in this new piece. Akram created an 8-min piece titled Father: Vision of the Floating World that featured as part of the 100-year anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Sheik Mujibur Rahman, on Tuesday 17 March 2020 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The work was performed by three Akram Khan Company dancers who spent four weeks in a rehearsal residency in the heart of the country teaching the movement to 25 dancers from Dhaka.


Artistic Director and Choreographer Akram Khan
Creative Associate Mavin Khoo

Composer Vincenzo Lamagna, devised in collaboration with vocalist Sohini Alam
Lighting Designer Ric Mountjoy
Costume Designer Marie Cantenys
Collaborator to Costume Designer Margaux Lalanne

Rehearsal Director Yen-Ching Lin
Lead Dance Artist Lani Yamanaka
Dance Artist Elpida Skourou
Dance Artist Raziman Sarbini
Dancers Abu Nayeem, Alka Das Pranti, Amit Chowdhury, Ana Akter, Anandita Khan, Ariful islam, Farzana Yeasmin, Fifa Chakma, Aviroop Hridoy Sharma, Imran Ishtiaque, Maria Farih Upama, MD Hanif, Mehraj Haque Tushar, Mohana Meem, Zuairiyah Mouli, Parsa Evana, Prantik Deb, Samina Prema, Shammy Akhter, SI Evan, SI Shafiq, Sohan Arefin, Sudeshna Swayamprabha Tathoi and Sweety Das, Umma Habiba.

Head of Legacy & Project Manager Christine Maupetit
Project Consultant Eeshita Azad

DHAKA team

Costume Correspondent Faiza Ahmed
Blues Communications – Event Company
Farhadul Islam – CEO Blues Communications
Protik Chowdhury – Project Manager/Technical point of contact
Antu Tomnoy – Artist liaison coordinator

Video by Applebox Films