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2008 T
aipei International Dance Elite Academy
August 4 V 15, 2008
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Teaching Excellency Project
Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan
Taipei National University of the Arts

Director: Yunyu Wang, Dean of Dance/Professor/Ms. (ywang@coloradocollege.edu)
Co-Director: Shugi Cheng, Professor in Dance/Ms. (sgcheng@dance.tnua.edu.tw)




Kristina Berger, Ms.


Joseph Levinson, Mr.


Matej Kejzar, Mr.

09:00 V 10:30

(1) Modern Dance II
(7 slot left)

(4) Ballet III
(11 slot left)


(7) Choreography

09:00 V 12:00
(5 slot left)




10:45 V 12:15

(2) Modern Dance III
(2 slot left)

(5) Ballet II
(10 slot left)





13:30 V 15:00

(3) Repertory

(6) Pilates






Faculty & Course Description:
Kristina Berger

Kristina Berger has performed as a soloist with The Lester Horton Dance Theatre, Inc., under the direction of Donald Martin. She discovered her love for the Horton Technique while studying as a scholarship student at Jacobs Pillow with James Truitte. Ms. Berger has worked internationally as assistant to Milton Myers and a teacher of the Technique at institutions such as The Ailey School, Steps on Broadway, Jacobs Pillow, and Juilliard.

She has performed with The Erick Hawkins Dance Company, The Joyce Trisler Danscompany, The Washington Opera Ballet, BALAM (Balinese American) Dance Theatre, and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Kristina is a founding member of Paris-based company SWATT whose primary goal is to create collaborations with artists all over the world. Recent adventures include England, France, Taiwan, and Bali, which have all led to new projects in film, dance, and music with various artists. Back in New York after an international tour, Kristina has resumed her faculty position at Marymount Manhattan College and as principal dancer with The Erick Hawkins Dance Company.

Class Description:

The Horton Technique will take the dancer through a series of exercises utilizing each part of the body. From fingertip articulation to elongation of the entire body in space on a lateral plane, The Horton discipline is attentive to minute detail as well as length and freedom of space-craving movements.
As Lester Horton was very inspired by Balinese Dance, Kristina uses her experience with this traditional art form to explore the influence it has had on Horton Technique.

Rhythmic challenges, expression, a meditative sense of focus and control, sparkling clarity and precision, winding curves, AND the sheer joy of dance itself are the elements that Kristina Berger brings to her classes!

Joseph Levinson

Joseph was born in Berkeley, California. He started ballet training at the age of 10. He got his major young training at the San Francisco Dance Theater with Jody White. Joseph has danced professionally with the Northern Ballet Theatre in England, and the Colorado Ballet in USA for over twenty two years. He danced a wide range of principal and soloist roles in both the classical and contemporary repertoire.

Joseph has taught ballet and choreographed in the U.S., Taiwan and Japan. Joseph is a certified Pilates instructor and is the supervisor of the Dancemedicine department of the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital and is the Pilates Specilist for San Francisco Hospital in California, USA.

Matej Kejzar

Kejzars work is mostly research on movements and composition improvisation
focusing on body as main media. His work include various collaborations with musicians from different fields. His main theme to work on is gender reading. He is putting his work in urban surrounding, but his idea can be provoked also from past and even myth time.

His attempts are to present androgynous personality articulateing both feminine and masculine and vice versa question both feminine and masculine. He believes in integrated personality consisted from many different fragments and that some of fragments are always hidden and never let out.


Please indicate if housing is needed. It will be housed in the student dorm in TNUA campus. Four persons with single bed each, four study tables, shared bathroom and showroom. The rate per night is approximately US $15. Gender in different building is needed to be identified before booking.

Fee discounted if registered before 5/30 After 5/30
Three courses (30 sessions) NT$7,200 (US$240) NT$9,000 (US$300)
Two courses (20 sessions) NT$4,800 (US$160) NT$6,000 (US$200)
One courses (10 sessions) NT$2,400 (US$80) NT$3,000 (US$100)

Ms. Robin Tu, turobin@hotmail.com ; 886-2896-1000 ext. 3317 (office tel. with answer machine); 886-28953154 (fax); 886-955.220.056 (mobile)

Registration & Payment Method:
Please write email to Robin, asking any lots available. And then in two days time fill the form and wire the money to
Beneficiary: Yunyu Wang
Account No.: 002100005958
Bank Info.: Jih Sun International Bank, Sung Chiang Branch
2F., No. 68, Sung-Chiang Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Swift Code: JSIBTWTP

Upon receipt of the payment, well confirm by email the completion of your registration.

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